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Our SDKs

Here you’ll find further information about our realized SDKs and their usage. They cover the API Communication Best Practives and easy ways to request and access data.




  • Automatic IDN Domain name conversion to punycode (our API accepts only punycode format in commands)
  • Allows Nested Arrays in API Commands to improve in direction of Bulk Parameters
  • Connecting and communication with our API
  • Possibility to use a custom mechanism for debug mode
  • Several ways to access and deal with response data
  • Getting the command again returned together with the response
  • Sensible Data (e.g. Password) is hidden in Debug Output and Data Access Methods for Security Reasons
  • Sessionless Communication
  • Session based Communication
  • Possibility to save API session identifier in session
  • Configure a Proxy for API communication
  • Configure a Referer for API communication
  • High Performance Proxy Setup

UML Diagram


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