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Since 1999, HEXONET has been a leading developer and service provider of reseller technologies for the domain industry, including domain backordering. Thousands of resellers, startups and service providers from around the world trust HEXONET as their domain platform provider. In 2019, HEXONET got acquired by the Team Internet Group PLC, where we continue our success.

Find here all documentation brought together regarding our 3rd-party Software Integrations and Tools.

Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Feature Requests and Bug Reports are always and warmly welcome! Just create an GitHub Issue in the related Module Repository and describe what you are looking for or you consider to not be working as expected or broken. If you’re not a GitHub User, just reach out over a Support Ticket. See below. This helps us to improve and in general we are rolling Patches out in short!


Automation - covered by Automated Tests, Static Code Analysis and the Release Process - is a big Topic for us as it simply saves our time for the important things: Feature Requests, Refactoring and if necessary Patching. This also means that we can roll out a new module release in few minutes.

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